2021 Outlook: Sharing the ZyMōt Fertility Experience

A little more than one year ago, our lives were quickly transforming on a global scale. It seemed that every far-reaching corner of the earth was learning to pivot quickly in order to survive. People, small businesses, and corporations were all forced to adjust to the rapid changes brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

Clinics were required to limit operations or shut down, leaving those seeking consultations and treatments in the lurch. But somehow, a bright spot emerged for fertility providers — and ZyMōt Fertility, too.

The simultaneous slowdown of work and increased time at home led to an unexpected surge in demand for fertility treatments, which helped contribute to our business more than doubling in 2020. The demand for ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices grew quickly and in concert with reopening fertility clinics.

ZyMōt Fertility Co-Founder and CEO, Bill Sharp

With COVID-19, clinics have also had to change the way they staff their laboratories. Because our devices require minimal clinician handling and intervention, the time required to process a semen sample for subsequent use in ART procedures is significantly less than that of traditional methods. This key value-add became critical to clinicians whose workflow shifted dramatically in order to abide by new health and safety requirements.

ZyMōt Fertility and the majority of providers have been fortunate to weather the crisis successfully. As a Company, we are currently operating in 35 countries worldwide, with plans to enter the expansive Chinese market this year.

As we enter the second quarter of 2021, and with providers busier than ever, we here at ZyMōt Fertility are excited to spur our growth into the future.