2021 Outlook: Sharing the ZyMōt Fertility Experience

From improving workflow to delivering higher pregnancy rates, we’re very pleased to highlight the wide range of positive research presented at ASRM 2020. At a time when health and safety is on all of our minds, every improvement helps. Read More

A new year. A new decade. A new standard.

It’s the opening days of a new year and a new decade. As I began planning for what I believe will be an outstanding 2020, the recent holiday break provided me with an opportunity to reflect on the history of reproductive medicine. The year 1969 brought us the first report of the in vitro fertilization of a human oocyte – a game-changer. To obtain sperm for that pioneering work, Edwards centrifuged and washed the semen sample. Thus, at the dawn of ART, there was spinning. Read More

On the bullet train to the future of fertility

Even in 2019, the amount of technology and innovation in Japan is stunning. Bullet trains whisk people around the country at amazing speeds, departing every few minutes, 24-7. High-definition billboards advertise hyper-realistic augmented reality video games. An AI-powered customer service robot helps travelers with questions at the airport. It all feels both like the future and very much routine... Read More

Vogue Magazine’s March issue features ZyMōt Devices

California is a leader in high-tech fertility treatment and we’re thrilled to be part of the revolution. ZyMōt Devices are… Read More

NBC Miami: New Sperm Technology Helps Couple Dealing With Infertility

“It was the best news ever… It was the best feeling.” After struggling with male-factor infertility, a… Read More

Introduction: Because lives depend on it

The future of fertility is simplicity. I’m not a scientist. I didn’t work in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) field. But a few years ago,… Read More