Fertility in the Age of Corona

After more than nine weeks into the COVID-19 crisis, we are still adapting. We’ve learned new verbs like “distancing” and gather in new venues like Zoom. Now, finally, fertility patients are increasingly able to meet with their healthcare providers at clinics. Fertility in the age of corona may end up becoming our new “normal.”

What does that new normal look like? 

At fertility practices around the world, new standard operating procedures likely include adjusted hours of operation, modified policies to increase hygiene and thinking about ways to prevent the transmission of illnesses. Labs are likely to be short-staffed and adapting to the necessity of keeping their workforce and patients safe, while simultaneously ramping up their patient care activities. Practices may even be facing pent-up patient demand. In our new normal, there will be no shortage of new and critical challenges facing fertility practices. 

Practices are rethinking procedures and reinventing their operations. New attention is being paid to workflow. How to effectively deal with reduced staffing levels, resulting from social distancing? How many people can safely work on a lab bench at one time? How much time does staff spend in close quarters, preparing samples? How many times are samples handled as they are passed from patients to staff and between staff members as samples are processed? The global pandemic has brought many small details into sharp focus.

Efficiency is more important than ever and sperm prep is no exception. When every touchpoint is being considered, a shorter chain of custody – fewer movements per sample – makes sense for lab staff and for patients. When it comes to sperm prep, avoiding more complex, labor-intensive procedures such as density gradient centrifugation (DGC) makes more sense than ever. As we’re hearing from andrologists, embryologists, reproductive endocrinologists, and lab directors around the world, switching to ZyMōt™ Sperm Separation Devices is a natural evolution for safety-conscious practices.

As practices and patients shift gears for the new normal, so is the ZyMōt Fertility team. We are presenting webinars, conducting virtual training with lab teams, answering questions, updating user resources, and adjusting to not having the in person face-to-face communications that we’re accustomed to. In short: we are continuing to innovate.

Our team is using technology to connect virtually with fertility clinic professionals around the world, conducting demos and training from home.

Patients are eager to resume their fertility journey. And while we know it’s not quite that simple, it’s clear that there is pent-up demand. We get it and feel that frustration. We’re excited to be part of the solution.

Bill Sharp

Co- Founder and CEO