How it works

Simple and Efficient.

The ZyMōt Multi (850μL) Sperm Separation Device has three major features: a sample inlet port, a sample outlet port and a membrane filter. 850μL of raw semen is injected into the inlet port. The sample travels into the lower portion of the device, underneath a membrane filter that has 8 micron pores.

Fertilization media is placed on top of the membrane. During incubation, the most progressively motile sperm migrate through the pores into the fresh media above. They leave behind the less motile, morphologically abnormal sperm. What is collected from above the membrane are the healthiest, most genomically competent sperm.

Read more about the clinical performance of ZyMōt devices and see the publications featuring ZyMōt data.

Whether for ICSI, IVF or IUI use, there is no need for multiple centrifugations of the semen sample. No special media is needed. Learn more about how ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices improve your lab’s workflow and productivity.


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