Introduction: Because lives depend on it

The future of fertility is simplicity.

I’m not a scientist. I didn’t work in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) field. But a few years ago, I was struck by the global statistics on rising male infertility. Across North America, Europe and Asia, sperm counts are declining. For decades, fertile men have been seeing decreases in “viable” sperm, while men who are already having infertility issues are seeing further decreases in their viable sperm counts, too. Scientists don’t yet have a reason for this decline.

When we first recognized the potential of DxNow’s revolutionary approach to sperm selection, we were floored by the simplicity. My first thought was: “It’s a no-brainer. We have to do this.” No special chemicals, no spinning. A process that mimics nature to select the best sperm for use in subsequent steps. That’s it. Amidst falling sperm counts and complicated lab techniques, our devices simply enable clinicians to collect the “champions”. Everyone wins.

I’m excited, not only for patients, but for what this revolution means for clinics and clinicians, too. I recognize that change can be difficult. Fertility clinics have well-established procedures going back thirty-plus years. Any innovation, no matter its potential, represents a change to the status quo. How can we play a positive role in the evolution of fertility treatment?

In future posts on this blog, I’ll explore resistance to change. Frankly, it befuddles me. So, we’re asking clinicians to simply try our devices and prove it to themselves. When they do, we’re seeing healthcare providers thrilled with their new workflow and quality, and patients who are successful in their fertility journey. This is what really matters. By doing wonderful things for patients, we are building a successful business.

There’s enormous expense and emotional strain for couples seeking fertility treatment. Men are 50 percent of the fertility equation. We need a common-sense tool to address the reality of the current problem of declining male fertility.

We’re taking a new approach to one critical step in the fertility journey. We’re improving efficiency and quality. This is what gets us up in the morning. Our whole team feels this way. You can always choose easier battles; but, our team believes this is the right one to be engaged in. It may take longer than we had anticipated. Nevertheless, we are convinced ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices will become the new industry standard for sperm preparation. We’re going to continue to innovate, for patients and providers, because lives depend on it.

Bill Sharp

Co- Founder and CEO