With decades of leadership in fertility clinic management, clinical care and scientific research, ZyMōt Fertility’s Scientific Affairs Team (SAT) provides valuable guidance and support to our internal technical and business teams, as well as management. To support our customers, the SAT is available for training insights, data analysis, troubleshooting and more. If you are a clinic or academic researcher interested in pursuing a study involving ZyMōt devices, the SAT will lead you through our process for developing study designs, proposals and agreements. 

Marlane Angle, PhD, HCLD/CC (ABB)

Marlane received her PhD in Physiology from Auburn University in 1983.  She completed two NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX, and Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX. She trained in IVF at the University of California, San Francisco, became a High Complexity Laboratory Director in 1995 and has directed IVF programs in Albuquerque, NM;  Asheville, NC; Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, NC; Las Vegas, NV; Little Rock, AR; Phoenix, AZ; Rochester, NY; San Francisco, CA; and Seattle, WA. She has worked as a consultant with multiple companies, including Irvine Scientific, Previvo Genetics, DxNow/ZyMōt Fertility and the World Egg Bank. Marlane also teaches in both the Masters and PhD programs at Eastern Virginia Medical School. She has published more than 70 papers, abstracts and chapters, and is one of the founders, and currently President of the Board of Directors, for the Southwest Embryology Summit. View Dr. Marlane Angle on LinkedIn.

Mary Mahony, PhD, HCLD (AAB)

Mary has over 35 years of experience as a healthcare leader, respected for advancing patient care with science in Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology. She completed her PhD training jointly at Old Dominion University and the Jones Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). During an Andrew Mellon Foundation postdoctoral fellowship, she focused her preclinical and clinical research on human sperm pre-fertilization capacitation events on the cellular level, including intracellular signaling occurring during hyperactivated motility, acrosome reaction and sperm-zona binding. Mary split her professional career between academia and the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. She rose to the rank of Associate Professor and Division Director, Reproductive Sciences, in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at EVMS, and adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at ODU. She maintained a fully-supported research program with funding from NIH/NICHD, foundations and pharmaceutical/biotech companies, mentored the research efforts of graduate students and reproductive endocrinology fellows, and was certified as a High Complexity Laboratory. Upon leaving academia, Mary spent 20 years in pharmaceutical industry in positions of increasing responsibilities, the last at EMD Serono as Vice President, Fertility and Endocrinology, US Medical Affairs, where she was responsible for leading the medical team and its medical strategy for both pharmaceutical products and their devices and IVF laboratory medical devices. She has authored/co-authored more than 53 full publications in peer-reviewed journals with 103 published abstracts presented at national/international meetings. View Dr. Mary Mahony on LinkedIn.

Anthony Anderson, DHSc, ELD (ABB)

With more than 10,000 in vitro fertilization cycles and nearly 25 years of experience, Tony continues to lead the laboratory in success rates that exceed the national average as reported to the CDC and SART every year. Tony completed his Master’s in Clinical Embryology studies at University of Leeds, Leeds, England, under the direction of many pioneers of the first IVF baby, Louise Brown. He is a Certified Embryology Laboratory Director (ABB) who has lectured and presented at conferences nationwide, published papers on embryonic development, cryopreservation, and genomics and received several honors and distinctions. His expertise is sought by other laboratories internationally and within the USA. View Dr. Tony Anderson on LinkedIn.