In a long and complicated fertility journey, it’s easy to forget the importance of healthy sperm. ZyMōt is here to help ensure you’re using your best, healthiest sperm.

See the ZyMōt difference

The development and evolution of fertility technology has literally changed the way that families live and plan for their future. Yet in five decades of progress, innovations in sperm prep have moved at a glacial pace. Until now.

More intact sperm DNA

In a 2019 study, ZyMōt-processed sperm show significant improvement in DNA-focused indicators of sperm health, compared to traditional, centrifugation-based methods. In the graph below, sperm separated with ZyMōt devices (in green, below) show the lowest levels of DNA fragmentation.

Separating your most motile sperm

Healthy sperm are progressively motile — they swim forward towards an egg. Healthy sperm lead to better pregnancy outcomes. ZyMōt helps your doctor select your champion swimmers (in green, below), increasing your odds of success.

Healthier sperm produce better outcomes

Improved sperm health means better outcomes. ZyMōt is a better way for your fertility lab to process your sample, selecting your champions & leading to increased fertilization and euploidy rates.

In a study of over 3600 oocytes at The Fertility & IVF Center of Miami (unpublished data, 2019), the center observed a significant increase in fertilization rates when using ZyMōt devices (in green, below left).

Following the biopsy of over 1300 embryos, ZyMōt devices significantly improved the odds of achieving a euploid embryo (in green, below right). Outcomes matter.

Landmark results from the pioneer of ICSI – Read article

Healthier sperm have more intact DNA, normal shape and higher motility. In 2019, research from the Palermo group at Weill-Cornell Medicine showed that using ZyMōt devices delivered healthier sperm with “higher genomic competence” (more intact DNA and more normal shaped), and those sperm helped to improve clinical pregnancy rates after ICSI.

2 years, more pregnancies

Over 2 years and 2000+ patient cycles, Acibadem Healthcare Group in Turkey, the second largest network in the world, showed (unpublished data, 2019) the impact of ZyMōt: significantly improved pregnancy rates (in green, below). 

Improving IUI pregnancy rates

A healthier sperm sample produces better outcomes for IUI patients, too. In a 2019 study, sperm processed with ZyMōt devices improved pregnancy rates for IUI patients.

ZyMōt: A better way to process your sperm

ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices help make parenthood more possible.

We’re here to help make your fertility dreams come true. Here’s how to talk to your doctor about using ZyMōt in your cycle.