Taking the first step: Talking to your doctor about using ZyMōt

Up to 50% of infertility cases are due to “male-factor” infertility, so selecting your best sperm for ART procedures is vitally important. We’re here to help you introduce your doctor to the ZyMōt revolution.

Dr. Soto, a Fertility Specialist at IVFMD, talks about why the fertility conversation should be about more than the egg.

For more information about ZyMōt Sperm Separation Devices and why we’re an essential part of your fertility journey, download and print our Patient Brochure.

How to start a conversation with your healthcare provider

Whether your fertility journey is toward IUI or ICSI, using your healthiest sperm helps maximize your odds of success. ZyMōt devices are a new, better way to process your sperm. Using ZyMōt enables your clinic to select your champions.

ZyMōt devices are simple for your provider to adopt in their clinic and easy for a lab to use. Download this “conversation card” and show it to your doctor. Use it to spark a conversation to determine if ZyMōt is right for you.

How to talk to your doctor about ZyMōt